The Commuter (2017)

Liam Neeson was seriously one of the greatest actors of our time, whether it was the characters he played or his Irish accent, you wanted to watch a movie with him in it. Today he has been type cast into an assassin kind of guy who knows how to find and kill bad guys with his bare hands. Although there is nothing new presented to us in The Commuter, we got to watch Neeson save the day on a seven car train that is headed from New York City to the mountains. Who ever came up with this idea had to have done some research, because you don’t plan this job on a short commute, the train had to be long and filled with the right and wrong people. It was pretty interesting to see how things unfold, but some the stunts are unrealistic, even for a former cop with superhero powers. You’ll be left guessing who the bag person is and you may be wrong at every turn. Everything was engaging and entertaining until the train wreck sequence, which so poorly executed with CGI, that the movie lost all its creditability with me. Forget Neeson’s stunts, this train wreck so bad that you may not even care how the movie actually ends. Then again, there are a handful of twists and turns and we find out who the bag person is and who is actually behind the whole thing. Whether not Neeson saves the day and collects the $100k, well guess you’d have to buy a ticket to find out. Just watch out for that curve before Cold Springs. 5/10 


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