Insidious: The Last Key (2018)

Thank God Insidious: The Last Key is the last entry into this once great franchise, because this was terrible. It wasn’t even that scary, and the bad guy… well did the creative come from the Sinister franchise, because he sure looked like Bughuul. The only thing I enjoyed about the film was the ending and how it led directly to the beginning of the very first Insidious. She has a dream about Dalton and then gets the phone call from Josh’s mom. Sorry if I spoiled anything for you, but let’s be honest you probably didn’t plan on seeing this one either. Ana wanted to skip this because she thought it was gonna be really scary, when just the first few minutes when Elise is a little girl is all that is scary. Ultimately you will learn that it is her own stupidity that leads to the events of the first two movies. Other than that, this film did nothing for me and my opinion of the franchise. Great for her to finally face her biggest demons and put her past to rest, but this movie really never needed to happen. 1/10 


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