I, Tonya (2017)

I, Tonya may be the truth or a fabrication of the truth, the only real thing that will come from this movie is the Oscar Allison Janey will hold for Best Supporting Actress. This story is about the troubled times of Tonya Harding, but anytime her mom is screen, she steals the dialogue and the thunder. Tonya never had an easy life and whether every event told in the movie actually happened, we will never know. This story is really a mess of she said, he said, and they say. We will never know what she knew about the incident or whether she was behind the whole thing. Some may feel bad for this once great skating champion, because she was never going to be the prototypical skating champion they wanted. Is it fair, probably not, but when you’re involved in maliciously taking out your opponents to get a leg up on the competition…well those penalties can be pretty harsh. Tanya could have been so much more than what she turned out to be. No matter what happens now, Margot Robbie will always be linked to the troubled figure skater because of her epic transformation on and off the ice. 8/10 


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