Proud Mary (2018)

The biggest thing I took away from Proud Mary is I am happy that I never got involved in gangs or “families” in the Boston area.

We all know that line of work is really dicey. There are many ways in, but no way out. Complications will always arise. The best have a way to sweep them into the darkest corners, while others crumble and end at the bottom of the Charles.

Taraji P. Henson may be one of the best leading actresses today, thanks to a variety of high-profile films, so it was another unique opportunity for her to give women a chance to shine and be a badass.

Sadly the story was there, the action wasn’t, and she doesn’t come across as someone who would be an elite assassin. Nothing about Proud Mary screams must-see, and the critics haven’t held back on their negative reviews. By the end of the year, I’ll probably forget this was the fifth movie I saw; since it’s not rememberable in any way, shape or form. 1/10 


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