The International (2009)

The International had a pretty decent premise, but with the exception of an epic gun fight in one of the world’s most renown museums, kinda failed to leave an impact in the genre. Clive Owen always gives a great performance, while Naomi Watts always felt like she was part of the story but not part of the story at the same time. The world is really a shady place, so when billions of dollars are at stake and millions of guns are involved, even the most gun ho agents would probably think twice before tackling such a major problem. The bodies pile up and lives get threaten, yet these two are determined to press on. What happens is a few more dead bodies and the passing of a torch from bad guy to another. This was a film I recall watching several years ago but didn’t recall a single thing about it, the same will probably be said after a second viewing.  4/10 


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