The Layover (2017)

The Layover looked hilarious and was actually going to be worth a ticket to see it at the theater. Thankfully this movie was never released here and we happened to catch it on Netflix last week. I’m glad I didn’t pay a cent for this comedy because it was so bad and forced that I would have wanted that penny back. Despite the overwhelming beauty of the two leads, Kate Upton and Alexandra Daddario, the premise to the story turned out a lot better than the actual story, directed by William H. Macy. The jokes are bad, the opportunities to impress the guy are pretty lame, and the cat fights are nowhere near epic. There were no laughs, except when you think that there is no where this joke would ever work in that situation. Kate Upton can survive these kind of roles since no one ever expects much from her roles, whereas Alexandra has a more high-profile acting career and you’d have to wonder why on earth she’d take on such a terrible role. 1/10 


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