Blue Crush 2 (2011)

If someone would have told me this was surfing movie “sequel”, I would have asked how the first one played out. Instead I didn’t have to because Blue Crush 2 had a completely different cast with a really awesome adventure story as the main force driving the movie. Surfing draws a unique crowd of people to the waves and when our lead, Dana (Sasha Jackson), goes on a journey to find herself and relive her mom’s epic adventures, she will stumble into a fun and loving surfing community that welcomes her with open arms. It has been a while since I watched the first one and no matter what I remembered, thought this was a better movie start to finish. Sure some of it may be cheesy and the angle with Dana’s dad has definitely been played out, it was the journey that kept me interested and eager for the end. A lot of straight to DVD movies drop the ball in almost every regard to the previous installment, where as I think Blue Crush 2 does a solid job with new story angles and characters to root for. 7/10 


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