The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian (2008)

When your franchise is supposed to be epic and tell a whole new generations about the great stories in your pages, then the sequel has to live up to the original and carry the torch for the future. In the second Chronicles of Narnia movie, Prince Caspian, it has been about a century since the kids were last in Narnia and the population has gone back to some bad ways. The pursuit of answers and the raging wars made this by the most entertaining and enjoyable film of the series. Filled with a handful of new characters, all with their own unique personalities, really aid the kids as they search the great lion Aslan and save the day again. In some regards, it must be tough on these kids to always save the day, but it seems to be their birth right so who am I to complain. There is some good comedy and battles scenes that tie in nicely with the story, since back in those days all they ever did was fight with swords and horses anyways. For those of you who want bloodshed, remember this was a Disney production, so there will not be an ounce of blood. The movie comes to end and reminds us that kids grow up and eventually the kings and queens of the future will not always come back, that their beliefs will change and the future of Narnia will eventually belong to someone else.  8/10 


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