The Maze Runner: The Death Cure (2018)

There is a small part of me that wishes the third instalment of The Maze Runner was actually just a stand alone film. It was so awesome and fun that I don’t remember the previous films and would rather not. The first film was alright while the second one (released forever ago) was confusing and sucked. I went into this with no expectations and it blew me away. The story came to a great conclusion with an action-packed thrill ride. Everyone had a part and played it perfectly. It was great to see the whole cast back together for one final ride and end the worse parts of the new world society, WCKD. There will be a few surprises here and there which keeps things interesting for those involved in the raid and escape. Yes, some people are going to die, but that is the risk they took when they decided to pursue WCKD and find the answers that plague their society. I may never read the books or own the movies, although I would definitely be inclined to watch The Death Cure again, the best entry into the Maze Runner trilogy.  8/10 


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