Step Brothers (2008)

Finally I can say I’ve seen Step Brothers, while backing up my claim of a decade ago that this movie is bad and not my cup of tea. I’ve said it before and will say it again that I want to give Will Farrell the benefit of the doubt and get excited for his movies, just every time I watch one, I leave disappointed. Step Brothers was no different, which hammered home the point that I don’t find Farrell or John C. Reilly all that funny. The only part I burst out laughing was the sleep walking Christmas tree scene, because how stupid can the story really get…well that question was definitely answered with the ending. This film is complete nonsense and for it to play out in real life would be near impossible. The only aspect I may have enjoyed is the swearing. No one held back on the dialogue, which made for some entertaining situations, although not movie or genre defining. Overall, I will never agree with the masses of fans who love this comedy, but now know I will never watch this movie again in my life. 1/10 


2 thoughts on “Step Brothers (2008)

    1. I saw Step Brothers when it came out and never liked it. I gave it another chance and with the exception of two laughs, I just couldn’t bring myself to liking or loving it. Sorry buddy.

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