Hostiles (2018)

Hostiles is a dark reminder of the past and that somethings never truly change. Although this movie showcases Christian Bale and  Wes Studi, the person who steals the show is Rosamund Pike. Her tragedy is the highlight of how savage life could be on the plains in a time where anybody could lay claim to anything and there was no one around to argue. Guns was scarce and take no prisoners was the name of the game. Set against the back drops of some of the most beautiful scenery between Colorado and Montana, there will lots of blood shed on the hills and fields of western America. The main theme of the movie revolves around stereotyping, because white men are the most powerful and the natives are dragged along for the ride. Everyone deserves a second chance and it is remarkable what the journey can do to change the mindset of the toughest of people. I had hoped for a little bit of a stronger ending, with more survivors, but the slow-paced ending does bring this particular chapter to an end. 6/10 


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