Winchester (2018)

I mean no disrespect to Helen Mirren, Jason Clarke, or the famous Winchester family, but the movie about your messed up family and haunted mansion was a farce. Why would two people with respected acting resumes agree to be part of such a dumb, uninteresting, and lackluster “scary” movie? Ana was told that this movie would scare her and sent me to watch it alone. Obviously that intel was wrong because with the exception of the odd silly jump scare, this movie lacked anything of significance to make people terrified. This enormous mansion is listed as one of the most haunted place in America, but I will never know that because I don’t have any interest in checking it out. Winchester got an early release because this is the time of the year when garbage movies come out and contenders for awards have already come and gone or they got better release dates. I’m complained a lot recently that horror movies just don’t have the same effect as they used, which is a concern for me when the next installment of Halloween comes out. 1/10 


3 thoughts on “Winchester (2018)

  1. I agree that as a spook film, this is B grade schlock. But there is a serious side to this film that is not being acknowledged among the commentariat; its a message about the moral culpability of those who make guns. The Winchester lever action rifle attracted the same kind of comment that the AR-15 is getting today: a lethal killing machine whose makers are morally accountable.

    1. I really appreciated your comment. I had never thought of the story from this angle and it is really eye opening. Sadly the people who make guns may just be swimming in their money bins instead of focusing on the tragedies, but this story getting a release really hits home to the events that unfold in the US on a daily basis. I still felt the movie was subpar and not one I could recommend, even from this perspective.

      1. I’m not a great horror/supernatural fan and if this one did not have a higher moral purpose I doubt I would have spent the time reviewing it. But it has risen beyond its cinematic value IMO.

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