Den of Thieves (2018)

Den of Thieves wanted to be this decades version of Heat, without two of the greatest actors of this generation. Despite a lot of negative attention, this heist movie had all the key elements to be a great movie with a shocking twist at the end. If you can say you saw the ending coming, I would never believe you, because at no point did it seem possible. Now as far as the heist itself is concerned, there is a bunch of slow parts that make it seem not worth it, although a lot of creativity went into the planning and execution, that is what made the whole thing worth two and half hours of your time. If we are honest with ourselves and the people who wrote the movie, we didn’t need to see a very in-depth look into the life of Gerald Butler’s character Big Nick O’Brien, because all it accomplished was that he was a troubled soul with nothing to lose in a gun fight. It is amazing that jobs like this are even attempted, despite the little success rate they actually have. It also makes me wonder, with the exception of the getaways, most thieves are very successful at pulling the job, how come this doesn’t more often in real life? There was a small part of me that wanted this to be rock’em sock’em kind of movie, where our main cop characters may actually be in on the heist crew. Instead it just followed the script of a hundred movies before and didn’t alter the game plan to stand out. Solid story, solid action, solid review. 7/10 

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