Children of Men (2006)

If you watch this movie in 2018, you would come to realize that we are only nine years from this potential disaster of a world. If you’ve never heard of this story before, in 2027 the people on earth are not able to reproduce and immigration becomes a major problem. Suddenly, out of the blue, a young girl becomes pregnant and Clive Owen is on the mission of a life time to bring this baby into the world. Amazing character performances are really the heart and soul of the movie. It seems like the entire movie played out in one continuous shot, while providing a front row seat to many fights. There is even one moment where there is blood on the camera and the story keeps rolling along blood and all. I have really come to appreciate Owen’s performances in a wide variety of movies and he seriously just looked the part in this one. His face looks like it has seen the world’s biggest problems, yet he just keeps going. I recall watching this many years ago, but only this time around I grew to appreciate what was at stake and the importance of the performances. Michael Caine is also in this one. I’m sure he had a blast playing a retired hippie character, even though I would have thought he deserved better. If you think the world is a messed up today, wait another ten years and it could be this. 7/10 


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