Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (1991)

It may have taken 27 years, but now I finally understand the music video of Everything I do by Bryan Adams. Thankfully I understand what Kevin Costner is fighting for, because after watching back to back Robin Hood movies, I am quiet confused on what the true story is. This particular movie filled out the entire cast of characters from the Robin Hood tale, but wow what a terrible story to be a part of. Alan Rickman, one of the most legendary bad guys ever in movie history is a sad little man in this one who takes advice from a witch. At what point in the Robin Hood tale is there a witch? Her craziness and his stupidity really weigh down the rest of the story, which again is way too long at 2:32. I didn’t even know Morgan Freeman was in the film until the opening credits, then when the movie ended I realized why no one ever mentions this when discussing his career legacy. I felt this movie tried really hard to get us to buy in Kevin Costner the star, not Kevin Costner as Robin Hood. He seemed better than situation and almost invincible, when Robin Hood was just a man, a great marksman, and someone who believed in doing what was right.  4/10 


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