Slap Shot 3: The Junior League (2008)

Slap Shot 3 is a mockery of everything Slap Shot stood for and what the game of hockey is all about. Slap Shot 2 was a direct to DVD sequel, and this movie was a DVD release the world barely knew about. It is so terrible I had a hard time finding it online to watch. A bunch of friends and I rented the movie a decade ago, and that’s the only time I’ve ever watched it. Having watched it again today, I can say this movie will never be in my collection and I hope to never sit through this again. Why would the Hanson brothers lower themselves to this level of stupidity. Was it for the money? Was it for the opportunity to play their beloved characters one final time? No matter what the  answer is, it disappointed hockey fans everywhere. Personally I think I could write a better hockey movie then this. No matter how many connections to the original storyline they throw into the movie, it just doesn’t work. If you love hockey as much as I do, save yourself from a mental breakdown and never watch this movie. 1/10 


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