Peter Rabbit (2018)

I am a big fan of stories I knew as a kid getting big screen treatment…when they are good. Peter Rabbit looked bad from the trailers and when the movie started it only got worse. While on holidays we ventured out to watch this film at a local theatre, not a multiplex. There was a big crowd of parents and their kids, who bless their hearts, couldn’t really understand how bad this movie was. The kids laughed while Ana and I just rolled eyes at each other. Both Rose Byrne and Domhnall Glesson are both talented performers, who both starred in Star Wars in X-Men franchises…and then Peter Rabbit. The cast of rabbits is impressive too, but the content they were given was not there. A lot of other wild animals were a little crazy and over the top that anything not focused on the rabbits was truly a waste of screen time. Ana pointed out that Peter Rabbit is the kind of movie that will eventually drive parents away, because if they don’t give us a story that makes kids and parents happy, then the box office numbers are gonna suffer. Even if you love rabbits, Peter Rabbit, or anyone involved with this movie, you’d be hard press to find any element of it to enjoy. 2/10


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