Game Night (2018)

Game Night is pure adult entertainment. The jokes are serious, the situation is intense, and the ending is just as confusing as the whole story. There are many things taken from other movies to up the ante with some of them clicking and others not so much. The story focuses mostly on Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams characters, while the rest of the cast just fills in the story. You’ll be annoyed with a few of them and the endless bickering amongst the group, but when they finally come together and solve the puzzle, it does get entertaining. I know this movie is getting high praises everywhere, considering how much of an original idea it is, but my expectations were through the roof for this. I was disappointed a little because the story has what seems to be 35 different endings and the endless guessing of what is real and what is not gets on your nerves. Game Night isn’t going to the be the best comedy of 2018, but if you are looking for an entertaining night out, this may be your cup of tea. 6/10 


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