Every Day (2018)

Every Day is a story you have never heard before. Who ever came up with this unique story (David Levithan) is brilliant. Now, this isn’t the greatest story ever written or even produced into a movie. There are so many plot holes that we couldn’t make a list if we tried, but what we do get here is a story about love and the impressions we leave in people’s lives, even if it is for just a moment. The reason I probably fell for this movie and the characters is the determination between our lead Angourie Rice (Rhiannon) and her ever-changing boyfriend “A”. Some days their chemistry is intense and passionate, while other days you are left confused by their connection. They never give up on the unrealistic idea of being together, until reality forces them to evaluate everything they have been through. I finally pieced the ending together when “A” spent a lot of time in the same body, building a real relationship between the two. It may be sad and it may make you cry, but the ending really satisfied me because it was rewarding enough for everyone involved. You may be upset that many questions go without answers, but if you can look past all that, you may come to appreciate the story. I’d be willing to watch this again and maybe own it, then again I am a sucker for these kind of stories. 8/10 


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