Early Man (2018)

If you saw the trailers for Early Man, looked at the posters, and maybe even read the synopsis, then you may have had a clue what this clay animated movie was about. I thought this was going to be survival of the fittest between cave men and the men of new human civilizations. Instead (spoiler ahead) this movie is about some of the first ever organized soccer games. Wow. I know right? I didn’t see that coming, did you? The reason why I semi enjoyed this movie was because I grew to appreciate the time and efforts of the animators to bring this story to life. Some of the characters are a little crazy, some you will make you shake your head, while others are cute and charming who grow on you. Ana wasn’t overly impressed with the disrespect to the origins of soccer, but I just thought it was a creative and fun way to introduce soccer to kids. Maybe if they watch these crazy characters kicking the balls and trying to defeat some bullies, their interest may grow. At least these are just a few things I took away from the film. Kids who don’t understand everything will be entertained and laugh, while adults may find the material a little dry and not on par with other blockbuster features. 4/10 


3 thoughts on “Early Man (2018)

    1. I have been bragging about how much I love Shaun the Sheep and Wallace and Gromit and that the girlfriend needs to watch those movies. Early Man was her introduction to clay animation and it didn’t go over well.

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