The 15:17 to Paris (2018)

I mean no disrespect to Spencer Stone, Alek Skarlatos, Anthony Sadler, or even Clint Eastwood, but wow what a terrible film these guys put together. If you manage to make it to the ending, where there is like six minutes of real action, then you deserve a medal. That joke may not work for a lot of you, but seriously, this movie is so boring and anti-climatic that you may actually get up and leave the theater. I think our three heroes were approached to make a movie and they agreed because they got to go back and relive their dream vacation together. How Anthony is considered a hero is a little questionable because this guy is selfish and only cared about selfies and Instagram. Spencer is the true hero who got his hands bloody and was able to overcome a terrorist with a machine gun. Alek really just happened to be there and helped subdue the bad guy with Spencer’s help. The film was way too focused on the trip and the life failures of Spencer’s military career, that there was no time left for the actual event or the aftermath. Eastwood may have tried to show us a film about three misfit boys who became brothers, yet failed on every level to get us to care about them. Out of all the biography movies about terrorism or tragic events, this will rank down with the worse of them, if not the absolute worse. 1/10


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