D2: The Mighty Ducks (1994)

Fresh off winning a district championship, somehow the Mighty Ducks of Minnesota become America’s choice to represent the country at the Junior Goodwill Games. I love hockey and follow it religiously, yet I’m smart enough to know that never does one team represent a whole country. Usually these best on best tournaments are made up of a variety of players. Yes, in D2, the Ducks pick up a new goalie, a bruising defence man and a handful of unique forwards to round out a talented roster, but never would the rest of a team be there. The stakes are higher and the bad guys are even meaner. This is a Disney movie of course, so any sequels got to up the game and make the obstacles even harder to overcome. Like I mentioned before, this franchise gave birth to the Anaheim Ducks, so naturally during the finals of the junior games, these Ducks skate out with the future NHL jerseys, which gives Disney free advertising to sell future merchandise. There a handful of laughs in this one, which are different from the experiences that made you chuckle in the first one. There are things to love about this movie and things that make you sigh. Overall D2 follows the same script from the first one and with back to back happy endings, the story really focuses more on family joy then reality. 7/10 

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