After the success of the first two Might Ducks movie, the writers ran out of local teams to beat and world tournaments to conquer, so the kids are headed to prep school. In the worse instalment of a great kids hockey franchise, this movie never really gets going and never really engages you like the before. The varsity team (this movies bad guys) are just not as mean as the Hawks or Team Iceland. The hijinks are just not as funny and the story focuses on all the wrong parts. Yes, one of the heroes of the entire story, Charlie Conway (Joshua Jackson) finally experiences growing pains that come with his athletic talent. I found hard to believe that Coach Bombay (EEmilio Estevez) would have so many connections and enough power to change a private school’s mascots. The final showdown, which would be the last hurdle the Ducks would ever face together, just didn’t have the same emphasis as the previous ones. These guys have done it all together and this finale lacked everything that made the first two special. It is hard to tell why they changed the formula and went down a more serious route, but it just didn’t work like the ones before it. 5/10