Red Sparrow (2018)

Red Sparrow was rated 18A. Don’t bring the kids because this character played by Jennifer Lawrence is not Wonder Women, and not a role model for little girls to grow to be. Now having said all that, this film was one shadow/shoulder-blade away from being considered a porn movie, because sex is a major part of the storyline and there is barely anything you won’t see. But wait, this is a spy movie, a rather long drawn out, secret revenge spy story. There were times I found myself fighting my eyes to stay open and engaged, while other times the violence was more than enough to keep the heart pumping. This film will be talked about for days, weeks, and years to come. Whether this is Lawrence’s coming out party as an Oscar-winning actress, who can actually act, or it will be talked about the boundaries of acting and how far she pushed the envelope in this story. Ana felt it was edgy, that it kept her guessing through out and when the mole is finally relived, we were both actually genuinely surprised for a change. Overall the story swifts the focus from one character/angle to another, which really made me lose interest after the first hour. I will give Lawrence credit for allowing herself to be put through the ringer of abuse for the role, but that wasn’t enough to get me to like it. I understand people will love this and hate me for not. I’ve seen many spy movies in my life and most of them try new tricks to be different from the next, when really they are all the same. Red Sparrow didn’t do anything ground breaking, therefore I can’t consider it to be a masterpiece. 4/10 


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