Waking Up Wally: The Walter Gretzky Story (2005)

Wayne Gretzky is probably the biggest star in the history of the National Hockey League. We all know that even the greatest have set backs with their careers and their personal lives. I mention all this because Walter Gretzky (Tom McCamus) had a stroke and lost all his memories, including any knowledge of the great career of his own son. This very low-budget, limited release, CBC produced, made for TV movie really tried to highlight the struggles of the Gretzky family during this time by skipping the little things and providing us with the major moments of the recovery. It was interesting to see the personal connection between the family and the game of hockey, but I never found myself heavily invested in the story. Maybe it was because of the acting in the film, or the story itself. This film will actually pop up on several top hockey movie lists, even though I would not agree with this entry. Waking Up Wally is not about hockey, but the impact the game has had on so many of us. It is kinda sad to think that one of the greatest minds to ever study and teach the game was lost for a bit, but thanks to the game, he was able to return to a normal life. I wonder how this movie could have ended up if it was given a huge budget and a major studio recruited some top actors to play such iconic people. That will never happen, so if you didn’t know about Walter Gretzky, this will is the best you’ll ever get. If you didn’t know who Walter or Wayne Gretzky is, then Waking Up Wally will introduce them to you. 3/10 


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