Do You Believe in Miracles? The Story of the 1980 U.S. Hockey Team (2001)

The U.S.A. Hockey program will always be remembered for one moment. No matter how many Gold medals, World Championships, or superstars they send to the National Hockey League, the hockey program will be remembered for orchestrating  one of the greatest upsets in the history of organized sports. These college kids went to Lake Placid, New York at the 1980 Winter Olympics and defeated the mighty Soviet Union team, a team that hadn’t lost a single game in a decade. People tend to forget that this epic match up occurred in the semi-finals of the tournament, and that the US would eventually go play Finland for a chance at the Gold Medal. This documentary was produced while everyone from the Miracle team was still alive, so it is an amazing eye-opening look into what went on in the dressing room and on the ice. There is a little political commentary in the documentary to emphasis the importance of a hockey game on the world stage. I don’t own any other documentaries of any kind, and although I don’t find myself rooting for the red, white, and blue, this was a must own for me because it is truly one of the greatest hockey moments of all time. If you love history, hockey, or sport sin general, I’d highly recommend you find this online or borrow my DVD, because it will be well worth your time. 9/10 


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