The Strangers: Prey at Night (2018)

Argh. One of my most anticipated movies of 2018 turned out to be a complete disaster. The Strangers are one of my favorite horror movies of all-time. There is an aurora around these three shady characters. One that entices fear and death by just standing in the shades and wearing creepy masks. The first installment left me terrified in ways only a handful of other movies have ever done. When the announcement came out for Prey at Night, I could only imagine how these three would terrorize another couple. Sadly, when you give The Strangers a bigger yard to play in and more tools at their disposal to inflict pain, they are not as scary. It seems that with more area to cover, they are not as smart, cunning, or creative. The family that turn out to be prey in an empty trailer park were so dysfunctional, they all needed to die. I didn’t care for them and their poor attitude towards one another. I felt joy inside to watch them go down one at a time. Those kids are smart and turn the tables on The Strangers, that is to the best of their ability. Even with random hit 80’s songs blaring in the background, the game of cat and mouse in the darkness of emptiness was not scary or terrifying in any way. It was like the writers followed the script to almost every horror sequel ever made and purposely made this movie suck. Almost every death scene was anti-climatic. People are surviving battle wounds that are not possible. When you bleed out or get blown up, you are not able to walk away. This may be fictional, but stab wounds and fire are reality. I had really hoped that The Strangers were going to go recruiting in this movie, but the ending leaves you with a knock at the door, so it is up to you decide what really happened in the trailer park. All I know is I am really disappointed with the turn of events in this movie. Why ruin a good thing? The only possible way to save these movies now is following this movie up with a prequel. It can tell the tale of what happened to these three to make them finally snap and go butcher people. Only time will tell if they can follow through with something like that.  2/10 


2 thoughts on “The Strangers: Prey at Night (2018)

    1. I just googled what Mute was about, very interesting concept with a decent cast. I see the very low scores, which has to sting a little. The funny thing is someone, somewhere absolutely loves this movie.

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