Gringo (2018)

Gringo looked hilarious from the trailer. It had the surprise feeling that was equal to the blockbuster The Nice Guys. Comedy that made you laugh non-stop while in the middle of a very serious situation. In the end though, Gringo was really a story about revenge. Not the kind of short and to the point revenge, but a long drawn out, complicated mess that really wasn’t funny. David Oyelowo, with his thick accent, stranded in the middle of Mexico and hunted by drug kingpins is really the kind of fish out of water story we never get enough of. Even with a lot of swear words and the random head shot, nothing really stood out about this movie, to make it memorable. I felt this was a golden opportunity that was completely thrown away. Clearly even the advertisers were not behind the project because I had just learnt about this movie two weeks ago. This movie may eventually up on Netflix, so if you’re bored on a Saturday night you could maybe catch it there. Other than that, it won’t be worth the price of theatre admission. 3/10 


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