Tomb Raider (2018)

I don’t play video games and never been a huge fan of video game based movies. Once upon a time ago, I did see the two previous Tomb Raider movies. I expected much of the same here, except Alicia Vikander is far prettier than Angeline Jolie could ever be. That statement may be basis, but this version of Lara Croft was much more enjoyable to watch. Despite making one dumb decision after another, Lara Croft is a fearless woman who wears her heart on her sleeve. Her passion and determination are great qualities to have when tracking down a myth or her long-lost father. The games may have her in the smallest outfits possible, firing endless amounts of ammo at who ever stands in her way. This movie made Lara normal. She was an aspiring MMA fighter (where she gets her strength), stuck in a dead-end job (ability to disappear without much notice), and knowledge to solve crypt puzzles (thanks to her dad.) I liked that this movie was not all about action and violence. It could have focused more on puzzles and solving mysterious, but this isn’t Scooby Doo or the Da Vinci Code. One of the biggest drawbacks was the stunts. Alicia is probably 105 pounds soaking wet, so with some intense training, she is able to hurl herself across anything and hang by one arm. It was believable yet unrealistic all at the same time…kinda like a video game. Tomb Raider won’t break any box office records and it ends with a great set up for a sequel. This opportunity will allow the writers can go back to the drawing board and fix or alter the story and character for the next instalment. 5/10 


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