Thoroughbreds (2018)

Thoroughbreds is almost as dark and twisted as some of the best murder movies out there. The awkward chemistry between Olivia Cooke and Anya Taylor-Joy makes sitting through this movie confusing and dreadful. The snail pace of the story makes the 1:32 drag on forever. When the whole objective of the movie finally reaches the climax, it is about three minutes long and is really anti-climatic. I believe the heart of the whole story is the awkward friendship and the ways people deal with their emotions. Thoroughbreds wasn’t the worse movie ever, but it was a complete waste of Anton Yelchin’s last performance. Anya deserves a lot of credit for her acting abilities that go far beyond Split and Morgan. She is cold and calculating in this one, just not on the same level as some of the more prolific killers. Olivia Cooke played up the depressed, going nowhere in life teen, thanks in part of a very dark past. She doesn’t seem to connect with people, until she rekindles her friendship with Anya’s character. You’ll most likely be disappointed with the outcome of the story because the ending doesn’t match the lack of drama leading up to it. Someone told me this movie was really good and I will have to disagree whole hearty. 3/10 


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