Net Worth (1995)

Net Worth is based on a book, which is based on the establishment of the National Hockey League’s Players Association. Amazingly if you ever wanted to get into sports management or the business side of hockey, I guarantee you will have to read the book like I did. We all take things for granted today, because the hard work of men and women before us suffered to inflict change. Yes, these problems still exist, but can you imagine being the first hockey player to stand up to an owner and ask the simple question, what about my pension? The Original Six era of the NHL is one of the most celebrated times of the game, but it is also one of the darkest. Net Worth really only scratches the surface of the problems. What amazed me was this story and the heroic people it encompassed. It really didn’t matter who you were or how many points you scored, if you even had a negative thought in your mind about your boss, the owner, you were cut, traded, or forced into retirement. Even though Net Worth was a made for TV kind of movie, it was impressive. It drew me into the story, made me pick sides in the labour war, and then pissed me off to see how these people were treated. Compelling and captivating are two good words that I would use to describe the subject material and the people who brought this story to life. This film won’t change the word, even though it will try to shine a light on a very shady, often unspoken, time in the history of professional hockey. 8/10


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