The Leisure Seeker (2017)

 John (Sutherland) has dementia and can’t remember a thing. Ella (Mirren) tries her best to coupe with it, but she has a secret of her own. Despite all her attempts to help him, sometimes it is just too much. Together the two will drive their grown kids insane with a trip from Massachusetts to Florida and try to relive the glory days one last time. Ana loved this movie and cried a lot throughout. It is very touching and the subject material is heart wrenching. Despite my best efforts, I was not as engaged in the story because I felt it was boring and dragged many times throughout. If you take a minute to think about it, this story happens every day all over the world because people struggle with illness. Illness really doesn’t matter who you are or how old you are, it can be a serious thing and people always find different ways to cope with it.  It could be safe to say this film highlighted a lot of problems associated with illness and old age. Whether it is denial, medication, or the struggles of caring for the sick, The Leisure Seeker took an ordinary couple with ordinary problems and told a love story. Honesty there was no need to toss in the 2016 election as a background filler, but if I really wanted to know why it was included guess I would have to read the book. My only other comment would be, Donald Sutherland is amazing. Whether he purposely avoided the script to play dumb, or he is getting so old he can’t really remember, he does give a performance to remember. 5/10


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