Pacific Rim: Uprising (2018)

According to IMDb, Pacific Rim cost about $150 million to make. The budget for computer animated fighting robots probably cost $149 million and whatever was left went to the actors. I bring up the money because the fight sequences through out the Japanese city had to total several billions of dollars in damage. I’ve pointed it out before that in these super creature movies, only made cities get destroyed and hundreds of thousands of people most likely die. Why can’t these battles occur in some small fishing village down the coast. Why have we are movie goers expected carnage and blood from every battle type movie. I only saw Pacific Rim once and felt I was watching a cross of Transformers meets Power Rangers meets Godzilla. I’m pretty sure none of ever wanted to see such a pairing, but that’s what the Jaegers. Also the creatures coming out of the waters and having magical power while standing taller than the Dubai Tower is like watching Godzilla all over again. I thought the first one was a little bit better because it introduced us to the monsters and the association tasked with saving the planet. This time around it was just a crazy person with evil intentions that created a super creature to try to end the world. Not the kind of excitement I was dying to see in a sequel. Since hardly anyone returned from the original one (for obvious reasons), the writers never upped their game and gave us a better story here. I mean one of the producers is now an Oscar winner for his love story about a merman and a woman. If he could have created that, he could have help give us something that would have truly blown us out of the water. 6/10 


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