Ready Player One (2018)

I was impressed. There I admitted it. Seriously, from the moment I saw the first trailer release, I honestly thought this was gonna be the dumbest movie ever. I don’t play video games and haven’t really got interested in virtual reality, so really what on earth could I like about this movie. Well for starters, this story is amazing. There is a lot of complicated layers and so many pop culture references, I bet there will be a book out someday of everything you think you saw or didn’t see. This magical world is built upon hundreds of other video games, but it was so engaging and a visually stimulating. The movie keeps you invested in the outcome of the poor nerdy kids against the greedy blood hungry evil corporation. We happened to catch the first showing tonight and it was almost sold out. People are interested in this movie because of director Steven Spielberg, the many references you know, and the love the world has for the future virtual reality. Avatars have become a great way for people to be other people and even though the movie spends about 92% of its long run time in avatar form, the special effects more than make up for the lack of creativity in the looks department. The real human cast may be people you know or people you don’t know. At the end of the day we should all applaud their efforts to make such a blockbuster with so much focus in an alternate world that would never ever really exist. You may be on the fence about this film, but even if it isn’t your cup of tea, you may actually get surprised like I did. It went above and beyond my expectations. 8/10 


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