Unsane (2018)

Unsane is going to be the kind of movie that resonates with some of the population and turn away the rest of them. Filmed in 10 days with just an iPhone, Unsane is one of many movies that is the future of the movie industry. We will see more and more films that were made from phones and tablets. Personally I would have never thought a film like this would get a wide release, but when you sit back and focus on the characters and not so much the filmography, you can’t tell the difference. For the story itself, well that’s a tough one. On one side, it is a unique situation because who commits themselves to insane asylum willingly. On the other hand, to avoid a stalker who actually ends up working at the asylum really messes with the whole reason she committed herself in the first place. It gets so confusing that you won’t know if she’s right or that it is all a figment of her imagination. The supporting cast isn’t used enough to expand the story, which needed a much better ending than what we got. I guess the main thing I took away from the whole experience, is there are probably people just like this somewhere in the world and that there truly are monsters out there. 2/10 


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