Paul, Apostle of Christ (2018)

Here I am again, ready to take down another faith-based movie. Stories based on Bible stories have been made countless times again and again. Jim Caviezel may be associated with the greatest movie ever made about the life of Jesus Christ, so it was really hard to watch him play the part of Luke. Despite what the story reads or how it was acted out, this movie was so boring. I’m not even saying it needed to be jammed pack with bloodshed action, it honestly didn’t even tell the story about the story it was trying to tell. That may seem confusing, but Luke is here to tell the story of Paul (James Faulkner) who is sentenced to death. There’s barely any story telling because Mauritius (Olivier Martinez) has some personal issues and can’t decide if he wants to be caring or ruthless. Really Paul, Apostle of Christ is two parallel stories in one movie and both don’t have enough screen time to make for a compelling story. I get that the message here is about faith and the power of belief, but the acting and presentation wasn’t enough to be amazed with the story from the Bible coming to life. 2/10 


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