*batteries not included (1987)

I grew up in the 1980’s which means I had seen *batteries not included more than a dozen times during my childhood. It was super cool back then to see little flying alien robots trying to find a home in New York City. Whether it was them recharging themselves with toasters or their ability to repair anything to its original condition, these guys were worth having around and protecting. As a young kid, it is hard to see all negativity that the movie is really based upon. A worn down apartment building is set to be demolished and there is nothing these ruthless millionaire developers will do to force these people out. What makes the story believable (to an extent) is the building only has a handful of tenants left, all from various backgrounds, all facing their own bucket list of problems. It was enjoyable to have an adult perspective of how these people bonded together to save something they all cherished. The special effects are actually pretty good considering the date of the film and the limited technology available at the time. I was more shocked than anything to learn Steven Spielberg was an executive producer for the film. For a man with a brilliant mind for film, I can see where his input in the science-fiction genre leaves an impressionable mark on me, even 31 years later. I want to thank Jeanette of The Mundane Adventures of a Fangirl for selecting such a good topic for me to revisit a movie I once adored as a kid. (review contributed for Genre Grandeur on movierob.wordpress.com 7/10 


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