Death Wish II (1982)

Paul Kersey (Charles Bronson) is just an ordinary guy, with an ordinary life, and a regular 9-5 job. What the criminals of Chicago don’t know is that he is the famous vigilante killer who cleaned up the streets of New York City all by himself. After losing his daughter to another group of thugs, Kersey hits the streets to make amends, whether it costs him his life or not. This sequel came out almost a decade after the original, which meant Bronson was older and slower, and his character suffered for it. Injured and emotionless, Paul Kersey upped his killing spree and used his life skills to his advantage. There’s no character development here, the killing starts right at the beginning and ends with a bang. This story allows us to see the human side of him, since he has a girlfriend, but the goal is simple here: revenge at all costs. Crime, muggings, and murder has always been a huge problem in major cities across the world, so it’s no surprise that the writers try to take you to the dark places. Whether it is the dark places of the human soul, or the dark alleys you’d never want to venture to, darkness is all around. It is only up to if you want to fight it or not.  5/10 


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