The original Friday the 13th was a game changer. It happened to get released during a time when horror movies were just starting to make a name for themselves, and that allowed mass murderer Jason Vorhees to be born. (spoiler) Although he may not be the killer, the story does a decent job at scaring any and all future camp councillors about things that go bump in the night. This movie was a heavy tread setter about how premarital adolescent sex is not only a killer for disease but for life as well. For the cast to make their first return to Camp Crystal Lake, I got to say the majority of them were uninteresting and I didn’t feel invested in any of them. The ending of the movie would go on to set up the rest of the franchise and the motivation for one of the greatest killers of all time. The only other thing I could point out is Kevin Bacon is in this movie, yup, let that sink in for a moment. 4/10