Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter (1983)

The Final Chapter should have really been the final chapter of the Friday the 13th franchise. Jason Voorhees was dead and brought back to life. Instead of wandering off into the woods and letting the past go, this guy, who is disfigured beyond recognition, is back again to kill innocent teens. The story until this part involved a bunch of camp councilors who were trying to do good things, this time around, teens descend to Camp Crystal Lake to have a good time. Of course a family now lives close by and their young son Tommy (Corey Feldman) is going to come to the rescue and use a psychological approach to take on the hockey mask killer. The positive thing that came out of this movie is that the writers took the opportunity to start an interconnecting story that will set up future movies. In my honest opinion though, this franchise was headed to the bottom of the lake after this movie and the ones that were to come. 2/10

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