Friday the 13th Part VII (1987)

At this point, seven movies in, they were really scratching the bottom of the barrel here to find new, creative, and believable ways to bring Jason back to life. I wouldn’t have expected someone with telekinetic powers to be the branch of life this time. I think by the end of the 1980’s, people’s taste for blood and guts had changed, hence why a deeper story centered around troubled teens and not Jason himself. Where this story takes a turn for the worse is how a young girl Tina (Lar Park-Lincoln) had enough power with her mind to thrash Jason around camp. Like if this was even remotely possible, why hadn’t it happened before? We are so far into the series and Jason has probably killed 50-60 people by now, how does this one girl finally have the strength to beat up the hatchet man? I know some people probably checked out of the franchise long before now, but if they stuck around, this could have been their breaking point. 2/10

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