Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan (1989)

Camp Crystal Lake is in upstate New York. I tell you this in case you’ve watched seven movies of a killer in the woods and don’t know which woods exactly. When Jason wakes from the dead again, he’s towed by a cruise boat down to New York City. Electricity is like an AED for this masked man, since it always sparks him back to life. For the first time in the series, Jason is given a limited amount of space to work with, but that doesn’t matter. When you’re meant to slaughter innocent teenagers, it doesn’t matter where you are, you get the job done. When the group hits the shores of Manhattan, the story really goes downhill worse than any point in the series before. In 1989 The Big Apple was really a terrible place to be because it was dirty and had high crime rates, so it was the perfect new stomping grounds for this guy who always seems to have fresh-looking overalls every movie. Jason never belonged in this environment, so there was no need to bring him out of the woods. You would think that with the way this particular film ended, it would be last. There is absolutely no way to come back from what Jason experiences at the end…but stayed tuned because the Friday 13th Marathon continues tomorrow! 2/10

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