Four long years went by and the producers of the Friday the 13th series must have spent that whole time panicking. Their famous slasher had disappeared, killed off in the sewers of New York City. In an attempt to bring him back from dead again, only to kill him for good, the writers came up with perhaps one of the dumbest instalments of the series and of any horror movie ever made. Zombies eat brains. Jason is not a zombie. There is no connection between two, except in a film where his evil “gene” is passed one from one human to another, thanks to a couple of nibbles of someone’s brains. Horror movies have tried to establish blood lines for their killers (Halloween) and they never work. Jason Goes to Hell is the ultimate poster child for terrible movies and terrible ideas. How on earth a group of people sat in a room together and pitched this is beyond me. The Final Friday is a real slap in the face to the original concept 13 years prior. Jason deserved better than this and so do movie goers. 1/10