Jason X (2001)

I vaguely remember watching Jason X when it came out some 17 years ago. What I do recall was this movie had to be the dumbest idea ever (even after part nine when Jason went to hell). Serial killers don’t belong in space, let alone a future where people are living in space stations. I give them lots of credit for turning Jason into a Popsicle and then bringing him back. Then I realized how bad the CGI was for explosions and outer space that I completely understand how this film ended up being the last entry of the original series. If they ever decide to bring him back, I guarantee that they will find a way to bring him back from space and home to Camp Crystal Lake. We’ve seen it so many times, so even with Jason floating in space, someone somewhere will bring him home. It is kinda comical that even in the future, there is nothing man-made that can prevent mass murderers from doing their jobs. 2/10

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