Freddy vs. Jason (2003)

 In one of the most epic cross over stories of all-time, the opportunity was here to create a masterpiece and they dropped the ball. I believe I watched this movie in the theater and left disappointed, probably like the majority of people. This story really split the audiences down the middle, and I don’t mean by a machete or long finger nails. Fans of both serial killers had one final moment to embrace their heroes in their glory and then defeat. What upset me was how the story was more about Freddy (Robert England) than it was about Jason (Ken Kirzinger). Hard to imagine a reality where a guy kills people in dreams can resurrect a guy for the 11th time. The kill sequences could have been so much better given the advancements in technology and weapons/tools available. The movie ends with a golden opportunity to launch a whole new cross over franchise, but given the remakes of both slashers, they decided this particular film was not successful enough. 5/10

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