In an attempt to draw the audiences back to the theater for one more trip down memory lane, studios gave us a Friday the 13th remake. Did we need this? Nope. Was this good? Not really. Did they alter the original idea behind the character? Yup. At no point in the previous movies did Jason Voorhees ever kidnap someone and hold them hostage. Walking around scaring people with a bloody machete doesn’t have the same effect in 2009 than it did in 1980. People’s threshold for pain and scare tactics have been pushed to all new limits thanks to the blood and gore of the early 2000’s. I give the writer’s credit again for coming up with new ways to kill people, but really we’ve seen this before in one form or another. I remember I was super excited for this remake, much like I was for the Nightmare on Elm Street remake and the Rob Zombie Halloween movies. At the end of the day, none of these movies deserved to be reimagined or even released. Kids from this generation will watch this movie and not take the time to really appreciate what came before it. Those who only watch this version of Jason will never know what he did or was capable of. There was no bridge between generations, so I feel this will be under appreciated and not launch a new franchise within a franchise. 4/10