I Feel Pretty (2018)

Amy Schumer makes terrible movies and she would be at the top of my personal dislike list along with Melissa McCarthy. How on earth people find Amy funny is as much of a mystery to me as solving a calculus problem. I Feel Pretty is by far the worse movie that we’ve watched in 2018. We didn’t laugh once, we just had a lot of rolled eyes and sighs for one another. I honestly feel bad for everyone associated with this project. This movie could be a career killer because how do you convince someone you deserve another chance to stand out. It was a little confusing of what the message was here. If you’re fat and ugly you will never reach your dreams, but if you see the beauty in yourself then you can realize your dreams? Like Amy’s character goes from one extreme to another and one moment she is her worse enemy about appearances, she turns into a snub towards ordinary people. There are people who actually liked this movie and although I did not, to each their own I guess. 1/10 


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