Avengers: Infinity War (2018)

This movie was a joke. It also shouldn’t be called an Avengers movie when The Guardians of the Galaxy get more screen time than all of the Avengers combined. What pissed me off more than anything is like NO ONE is dead. If you believe we lost all those characters and that four of them survived then you probably believe World Wrestling Entertainment is real. You can not kill off characters that have more movies to live for. You can give me all the alternate time line crap you want, but I’m not stupid. I’m angry about this movie and I wasn’t even excited for it!! Thankfully Iron Man is still around because he is the best Avenger. People were crying and gasping when characters turn to dust, but those scenes made my blood boil. Also for a Marvel movie, they dropped the ball with the post credits. Only scene at the very end of the credits set up for one epic finale with ALL the Avengers. I don’t even read comic books, I can just see the big picture. This is a movie and the climax is still like at least 2:29 away.

Here are the few things I enjoyed about the experience. One, we went to a theater with reclining seats, that was pretty awesome. Second thing that made this movie was the humour that was missing in Black Panther. One liners and witty banter between characters was the best parts for me. I was so happy inside that Marvel went down a comic route with their stories and missed it in their last big release. The third thing was how the story starts right where Thor Ragnarök left off. Thor plays such an important part of the story arc and it’s like they let the big dog off the lease here, because he kicks ass. He is also the best comedy relief in the entire movie. I love Iron Man, but Thor is a close second now. Fourth thing was Drax. I hate The Guardians of the Galaxy, but man this guy was hilarious. He’s grown on me and if he can stay that way, maybe Volume 4, I mean 3, won’t be as bad. Finally, Mark Ruffalo stole every scene he was in. His internal fight with Hulk is great and should lead to something special in the finale.

Take a deep breath Marvel fans and movie goers, Infinite War is just part one. Don’t stress at everything you see on-screen. There are some magical powers at work here and Hollywood will always give you a happy ending. Go be entertained, watch some super heroes fight some ugly creatures, have some witty banter with one another, and enjoy the ride through the galaxy to places you never knew existed. 5/10

6 thoughts on “Avengers: Infinity War (2018)

    1. I felt all the hype was kinda killed with the ending. I get this is only part one, but I didn’t shed a tear for what happened. People seem so upset at things, but you are right. It was really lame.

  1. I thought it was good for the mass audience. Anyone that has read the comics (or read the Wikipedia entry for that matter) knows exactly what’s coming in the next installment.

    It was clear from the outset that the MCU was designed to be around 10 years long with most of the major characters being written out for the “next generation” to rise. I honestly don’t know if I’d still watch it.

    It didn’t come as a surprise but the ending was still well done. Peter Parker got me. Black Panther’s departure however… was really stupid.

    I do agree with you that Ruffalo really stole the show with his portryal of the inner conflict of the hulk.

    1. Like I mentioned, the ending pissed me off more than anything. For all the hype, all the drama associated with the ending, and then that? Sigh. You are right, people say it’s the greatest comic book movie of all-time, which it may be, but from a movie perspective, it was meh. I haven’t seen it a second time and honestly have no desire to either. I’ll buy to complete my set, but I’ve still only see Age of Ultron twice and I actually enjoyed that movie.

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