Truth or Dare (2018)

Most of you have seen Truth or Dare by now. You either liked it or hated it. I can see the movie dividing the audiences because I figured I would be disappointed when in fact I left impressed. The trailers make the movie out to be dumber than it ended up being. This was really a creative concept that used social media as an ally and weapon. We’ve all played truth or dare, although I guarantee none of us ever played with a demon. That alone changes the tempo of the game, since it is really do or die. The stunts can be borderline silly and unrealistic, yet how many other procession type of movies have we seen with the same theme played out time and time again. I liked how dark the back story was and how twisted it was to break the curse. Some of the dares are predictable, yet add more tension to the already drama filled story of survival. There are so many layers to a simple game that everything new just alters the game and the stakes. I liked Truth or Dare and would watch it again, but I will now probably think twice before accepting a truth or dare. 7/10 


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