The Death of Stalin (2018)

I’ve always had an interest in history, definitely more modern than ancient, but I did want to be a history teacher at some point of my life. I bring that up because I have zero clue how Joseph Stalin died and I almost guarantee it was not the way they show it in this movie. At the end of the day, The Death of Stalin was a complete waste of my time and a really bad project for someone like Jason Issac or Olga Kurylenko to be attached to. I thought this movie would be like Hail, Caesar with George Clooney but it wasn’t. This silly story about taking care of a dead guy and who is going to be in charge was never funny at any point. Although this movie would geared towards an older audience, it wasn’t for me. Someone somewhere will find value in The Death of Stalin. It does showcase how puppets are put in positions of power for evil intentions, and that in Russia no one is truly untouchable when you’re so call best friend wants your position and head. 1/10

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